We connect the wealthtech ecosystem

Our story

At Dispatch, we believe that better solutions for advisors result in better outcomes for clients. We’re committed to building a strong and integrated tech landscape that simplifies workflows, enhances efficiency and ultimately improves client experience.

Client demands for specialization and personalization mean new specialized software solutions rapidly entering wealth advisory. These tools allow firms and advisors to serve their clients better but create challenges in managing data interoperability between systems.

We built Dispatch to bridge the gap and ensure streamlined connectivity within the wealth tech ecosystem. Our mission is simple: to seamlessly sync client data across the tech stack and to free wealthtech companies from the burden of continually building and maintaining integrations.

The problem that started it all

Why we exist

Advisory firms face challenging tradeoffs building a tech stack that scales. The current options require compromise:

All-in-one platforms

Data syncs across workflows but users often make do with limited features that don’t always meet their comprehensive needs.

Standalone software

Standalone options let you configure your tech stack to your firm’s specific needs, but typically come with one-off, inconsistent connectivity between tools that are stitched together by manual and error-prone processes.

Dispatch connects wealthtech software flawlessly

Our solution

We give firms with standalone software the cohesiveness of an all-in-one platform.
We operate in the background so you can continue to use your favorite tools.

How it Works Today

Today, most firms collect client data from various sources such as intake forms, client meetings and physical documents. Then, firms must enter and maintain all the data points in their various software tools.

How it Works with Dispatch

Dispatch provides an automated onboarding solution that eliminates the manual data collection process. Then, we route the data where it needs to go across the tech stack and keep it in sync. If one data point changes in any tool, we automatically make that change in all your tools.

We are the industry’s first data orchestration company

How do we do it?

Data orchestration is the process of efficiently coordinating and managing different data sources, while also keeping the data synchronized across systems. It ensures that data is sent where it’s needed, in the correct structure, at the correct time.

Imagine air traffic control, managing thousands of different kinds of aircraft that are going from A to B that need to be on time, compliant, and coordinated. Data orchestration works similarly, making sure the right data is going to and from the right place, in the right format, at the right time. It eliminates the chaos of siloed data, enabling your software to work harmoniously together.

Translation engine

Every producer and consumer of data has its own format and requirements that change over time. These data need to be transformed and translated between each set of integrated systems.

Modern, expertly designed data infrastructure

Sophisticated infrastructure is required to support diverse data formats, enable scalability and support advanced security controls.

Stringent security controls

Arranging and coordinating data while upholding rigorous security controls is a tough balancing act, requiring expertise in both platform design and data security.

Data audibility

Building a comprehensive data trail of every change across every system is required to enable auditability for compliance.

What you can expect by using Dispatch

Quick implementation

Go from initial call to fully live in under 60 days. We're highly adept at identifying your firm's unique needs and building a solutions roadmap. Our dedicated support team is with you every step of the way, alleviating the burden on your internal resources.

Experienced team

Our in-house, US based engineering and product teams are top tier and hail from renowned tech companies such as Uber, Noom and Tally. We are experts at tackling difficult data challenges and delivering delightful user experiences.

Continual enhancements

We are constantly launching new features, improving the product based on user feedback, and adding new integrations to wealth tech solutions, custodians, and other software.